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Altogether since they are all related we can wrap them up into a unified cruise control object but we don’t have to stop there cruise control is just one part of the engine software there might also be sets of functions that control spark plug ignition fuel pumps and the radiator so we can create a parent engine object that contains all of these children objects.

In addition to children objects the engine itself might have its own functions you want to be able to stop and start it for example it will also have its own variables like.

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how many miles the car has traveled in general objects can contain other objects functions and variables and of course the engine is does one part of a car object there’s also the transmission.

wheel stores windows and so on now as a programmer if I want to set the cruise control i navigate down the object hierarchy from the outermost objects to more and more deeply nested ones eventually I reach the function I want to trigger car then engine.

Then cruise control then set cruise speeds programming languages often use something equivalent to the syntax shown here the idea of packing up functional units and nested objects is called object-oriented programming this is very similar to what we’ve done all series long hide complexity by encapsulating low-level details in higher-order components before.

we packs up things like transistor circuits into higher-level Boolean gates now we’re doing the same thing with software yet again it’s a way to move up a new level of abstraction breaking up a big program like a car software into functional units is perfect for teams one team might be responsible for the cruise control system and a single programmer on.